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      Here's a little bit of information about me,

                                                                           - just for you.

I am a true country girl at heart who loves the simple country life.   


I live in the small country town of Balaklava in South Australia just north of Adelaide.

The Album 'Drive South' was recorded in Adelaide at Red Brick Studios and was released in mid 2019.

It is a 10 track album featuring two songs that I have written and 8  upbeat covers. 

The track 'Drive South' has been in the Australian and Tasmanian Top 10 Charts and also a top 4 finalist in the 2020 Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards.       


I was extremely lucky to also be a Top 4 Finalist for Australian Independent Female Country Music Artist of the Year 2019 for the album  'Drive South'.

The album has had some amazing reviews and is currently being played world wide.

I  feel very blessed and grateful for the journey and thank everyone for their support.


                                                                    I look forward to meeting

                                                                     you somewhere soon.                                                                                 Derani  xx









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